In the past, there were always problems when it came to using Cookiebot in auto mode on a Drupal site. Cookiebot is there to protect our privacy when we surf the web. It blocks all scripts and cookies until we agree to them, giving us full control over who can and cannot see our footsteps on the internet. The classic use case is that one does not want to be tracked by Google Analytics and this can be achieved very easily with Cookiebot.

Cookiebot is also very handy for developers because it automatically scans your website for cookies and then organizes them. We can assign categories like "Necessary", "Preferences", "Marketing" and "Statistics" to individual cookies and hereby make life easier for the end user. If the end user agrees to all cookies except the category statistics, only the tracking is disabled.

Now there is the special case that some scripts do not set cookies at all (e.g. Drupal core ajax) but are still blocked by Cookiebot. If the user does not agree to all cookies, but only selected cookies or categories, some functions are erroneously deactivated without fulfilling a higher data protection purpose. 

We have already observed this phenomenon several times at webiator until I decided to solve it. For this purpose I wrote a small module which makes Cookiebot ignore scripts defined by you. Also you don't have to specify each script individually. Instead simply point to the parent module. So core is a good start if Cookiebot causes your ajax views to stop working (like in my latest case).

Attention: Never ignore scripts from Google Analytics or similar providers or otherwise you may violate the GDPR!

Here is the module page: https://www.drupal.org/project/cookiebot_ignore