Link building refers to the targeted creation of backlinks that refer from an external website to one's own page. Many search engines analyze the number and quality of backlinks to determine the link popularity of a website. This link popularity is an important ranking factor, which is why link building plays a very important role in the optimization of a page. In addition, links naturally refer users from other sites to their own site, which generates additional traffic.

There are different methods of link building. A basic distinction is made between white hat and black hat methods:

Black Hat Linkbuilding

Black Hat Linkbuilding is an aggressive form of search engine optimization. It deliberately violates the rules of the search engines in order to increase the ranking of its own site. In most cases, Black Hat causes a temporary increase in popularity, but is punished in the long run by search engines such as Google and in the worst case ensures a permanent ban from the Google index. This means that any form of Black Hat link building is generally not recommended. You should neither buy links nor obtain them from "inferior" sources. These are, for example, non-topic pages or link farms that have no content other than the links.

White Hat Linkbuilding

White Hat link building is the actual process that generates high quality backlinks. This improves the ranking of a website on a long-term and sustainable basis. Most important is the quality of the links. A high quality means, for example, that the links come from a well ranked site, which generally only publishes very high-quality content. In addition, backlinks should always be relevant for the user and only link to related topics. On the other hand Google could misunderstand and punish this as Black Hat method. In order to get such high-quality links, you can use the following tactics:

Compose good content

If good content is regularly published on your website, your site will also be linked more often to other sites. Thus a part of the backlinks generates itself quasi by itself. Therefore, a lot of value should always be placed on a well-maintained page and on relevant articles.

Establishing contacts within the industry

Many contacts are a good way to get high-quality backlings. Forums, social media groups, blogs, etc. are the best way to make contacts. By good contributions and helpful comments you can win the confidence of the users and are linked thus also with higher probability. Furthermore, a community within your industry is also good to always be up to date and to get quick answers to possible questions. However, mutual linking should only be done on a small scale and only thematically related articles should be linked so that the search engine operator does not mistakenly get the impression that Black Hat methods are used.

Ask for backlinks

For example, you can ask friends, acquaintances and business partners to link your website in relevant articles. You should make sure that the links are in the right context and that you do not create too many backlinks unnecessarily. Accordingly, the motto "Few good links are better than many bad ones" applies.

In general, you can also ask the operators of other websites for backlinks, but you should always be polite and not be intrusive. Accordingly, you should inform the operator of the external site about your articles and show that they are also important for the content of the external site. You should only contact selected and relevant operators whose content you personally value.

Write contributions for external websites

Another possibility to do good link building is to write guest contributions on other websites. Contact other operators in your industry and ask if it would be possible to publish an article written by you on their site. These contributions should be very high-quality and professionally written and also show a high relevance to both web pages. Always remember that bad contributions can damage your reputation!