During the last months several hundreds of members of the Drupal community have been working on the new version Drupal 8.7.0. The result is absolutely impressive! Especially for SiteBuilder and editors there have been some improvements.

Content Builder finally stable

Drupal 8.7.0 should be a lot of fun for editors now. Because now the Content Builder module is stable and can officially be used productively. Especially the new Drag&Drop feature is very impressive. With it, page areas can be loaded with content easily and above all at lightning speed. But see for yourself:

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Latest Media Library updates

The Media Library Module has also received a major update. Although it is still not marked as "stable", it can be used productively. www.webiator.de already uses the Media Library module to centrally maintain and reuse images and videos. 

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JSON API is now supported as well

Especially developers of interfaces to third party systems should be pleased about this innovation. With version 8.7.0 Drupal finally supports the popular interface format JSON. This allows "headless" websites to be developed on the basis of Drupal. It should be mentioned here that the interface is operated in read mode by default and therefore no changes can be made to content. However, this can be switched in the settings.

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Otherwise various small things were adapted. Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported. The way to Drupal 9 is paved, because Twig 2 is now supported. Also PHP 5 is no longer supported. And as always a lot of bugs have been fixed and security holes have been closed. An update is worth it!