Again and again I run into people wondering why I do not have any operative employees at webiator. For a while I had an assistant who helped me with the bureaucratic hurdles, especially in the start-up phase, but I never employed any developers, designers or consultants. 

Many believe that a company can only be successful if it has a solid foundation of employees. After all, this results in plenty of synergies, a good working atmosphere and maximum productivity... but is this true? It is by no means a no brainer. On the contrary: it requires a high degree of leadership and the will to deal with its employees, even if it does not yield instant profit (speaking of: further training, teambuilding, etc.). And based on my experience, that is exactly what most companies lack.

At webiator I therefore attach great importance to a solid network of absolute professionals. Cooperation with international freelancers and entrepreneurs gives me the necessary flexibility - e.g. in times of Corona - and at the same time the maximum know-how. Self-employed people are intrinsically motivated by nature not only to participate in technological change, but to help shape it. In other words, to be at the forefront. This automatically means that if I miss a trend, I will be able to keep up with the latest developments and can be sure that we do not recommend outdated technologies or solutions to our customers. At the same time, I am constantly getting to know very exciting people who enrich me not only professionally but also privately.

Of course there are also challenges. The selection of the right partners and the management and coordination of international teams is not trivial, but any effort for improvement is immediately rewarded and invites to experiment and try out. Especially in today's world, new tools are created almost daily to make life and collaboration easier. Never before has global working been as exciting and fulfilling as it is today.